MLP:FiM Rarity Inspired Nails

Hey guys! This week on MLP inspired nails is Ponyville’s most talented fashion designer, the pony that embodies the element of generosity; Rarity!


You’d think that after rainbow lighting bolts and badges and fire, a couple of diamonds would be super easy to draw, right? For some reason, I had so much trouble with the diamonds. I actually had less trouble with her eye than her cutie mark…go figure.


Polishes I used:

Body – Wet n’ Wild Break the Ice

Mane and Tail – Sally Hansen Virtual Violet, Migi blue

Cutie Mark – NYC Skyline Blue, Migi blue

Horn – Migi white, Sally Hansen Silver Anniversary (outline and details), Pure Ice Over You (magic)

Eye – Migi black, Migi white, Migi blue

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