Blind Mani: Glitter Over Nude

Hey guys! The other day when I was out shopping, I had the best luck ever. If any of you live in a big city, you know how hard it is to get new or limited edition products. So when I just happened to catch the CVS workers restocking the Sally Hansen shelves, I rushed over, and sure enough there was a new display of the Fall 2013 limited edition Xtreme Wear polishes! I may or may not have squealed out loud in the store.


Since I’m trying to limit my beauty budget, I only bought three of the shades. I know, so very not buyALLthecolors. From left to right: Glitter Gun, Spark in the Dark, and Frazzle Dazzle. All of the ones I got consist of a clear base with a mix of glitters.


First up is Glitter Gun.


Glitter Gun has large and medium gold and white hex glitters, gold micro glitter, and white bar glitter. It looks like it has black hexes in some of the photos, but that’s just the lighting on the gold ones.


Spark in the Dark is almost exactly like a black version of Glitter Gun.


It has large and medium black and gold hex glitters and micro glitters, and black bar glitter.


Frazzle Dazzle consists of all different sizes of copper hex and micro glitters as well as some black bar glitter.


Okay, so first of all I want to say that this mani was not entirely my idea. I loved the glitter over nude look from this mani that Christina from The Bubbly Brunette did so much that I just had to try it out for myself. I’m wearing a base of one coat of Wet n’ Wild 2% Milk topped with two coats of each of the glitters: Frazzle Dazzle on my thumb and pinkie, Glitter Gun on my index and ring, and Spark in the Dark on my middle finger.


My nails are a little stained from a dark mani I did earlier this month, and the base color didn’t quite cover that up, sorry! And as with all glitter polishes, photos didn’t quite do this justice because they can’t capture the sparkliness that you get whenever you move your fingers.

I was pleased by all of these polishes, but not blown away. They all applied smoothly and dried in a reasonable amount of time, as I have come to expect from Xtreme Wear polishes. The finish is pretty smooth on its own, although one coat of topcoat will completely smooth out the glitter bumps. There was no glitter curling at all, and the glitter was well suspended in the polish and I didn’t have to fish for it.

That said, I feel like the glitter could have been a little denser. Two coats isn’t unreasonable for a glitter topper, but it would have been nice if I could have gotten a bit more glitter in one coat, particularly with Glitter Gun. I also feel like the black bar glitters in Frazzle Dazzle were unnecessary. It does make it more unique, but I think I would have liked just the copper glitters better– that’s just my opinion though. Overall, I think that all three of these are worth picking up if you run across them, and I’ll can’t wait to try them out in other manis and over different colors as well.

Have any of you tried out these polishes yet? What did you think? And are any of the other colors worth buying too?

13 thoughts on “Blind Mani: Glitter Over Nude

  1. It means so much that you mentioned me!! These are pretty in the bottles but kind of lackluster on the nail. I wish they had more umph!

    • Of course I had to give credit where credit was due:)
      They do look pretty and sparkly out in the sunlight, but I’m still trying to figure out a good lighting situation in my new place. But yeah, it would have been nicer if the glitter was a bit denser.

  2. I love how Spark in the Dark looks! I haven’t tried them yet, I normally avoid glitter because it is oh-so-hard to remove with regular acetone (I never have pure acetone around). But I’m curious how Spark in the Dark would look like on a black base. How much did each cost?

    • I love that one too! It might be my favorite of the lot. These are usually between $2.50-3.50ish each depending where you buy them. And I did a review a while back on this nail polish remover jar that I use for all my glitter polishes. I won’t say it’s as easy as creme polish remover, but the jar does help a lot.

  3. These look great! I’ll pick them up if I find them at the local drugstore – doesn’t matter that two coats will still look ‘thin’. It’s actually good news because that means the chance of actually using this one up is greater!:)

  4. oh man i was totally looking forward to these but i might not go out and hunt for these. if i come across it i’ll probably debate picking up some. it sucks it’s not more amaaaazing!

  5. Good job stalking the CVS employees:) I like the coppery one, but like you said, the bar glitter is kinda questionable. Your product photos look great, did you make a lightbox?

    • Heh, employee stalking is the only way to get stuff in the city!
      Thanks! I did make a “lightbox”. The quotes are because it’s just this janky mix of cardboard box, plastic bags, and IKEA haha. But I was planning on writing a post about it in the future.

    • Haha I think 5 coats would look like a hot mess because I’m sure I couldn’t wait long enough for that to dry😛
      But yeah, I’m definitely going to try them over darker colors in the future!

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